Ruby Rings

Once only the dream of royalty, Ruby rings are now coveted by gemstone enthusiasts the world over. Prized for their rarity, the deep red coloring of fine Rubies is seldom achieved by other gems. Adored by men and women alike, vibrant Rubies attract the attention of all who see them.

For those who are purist, the ring of a lifetime might feature a single large solitaire Ruby. Others may prefer diamond Ruby rings with sparkling white accents. There are no boundaries of styles or occasions for which a ruby is appropriate. From simple Ruby birthstone rings given to a child, to a Ruby anniversary ring presented after fifty years, Rubies have satisfied many desires.

Ruby Rings by Jewelry Designs

So why should you consider Ruby Rings from Jewelry Designs?For some, the answer is they feel comfortable with the knowledge of our professional staff. For others, they love the Idea that all of our Ruby rings are made in America by master jewelers in our Connecticut shop. Our artisans have been designing and creating exceptional ruby jewelry since 1980. You will have peace of mind knowing that the people who created your ring will stand behind their work.