Topaz Rings

It is no wonder that Topaz rings are among the most sought after of all gemstone jewelry. These large brilliant gems can be seen on the hands of jewelry lovers everywhere in a variety of popular colors. Once known only as a yellowish gem, today Topaz rings can be found in a prolific array of colors. The yellowish and peach colors are commonly known as Imperial Topaz, familiar also as the birthstone for November.

Since the development process in the 1960’s began radiating these stones, countless carats of colorless Topaz have been transformed into glistening blue gemstones. Today, Topaz rings in a variety of blue shades are worn by women the world over. The abundance and size of colorless Topaz allows them to be one of the most affordable large gems used in jewelry today.

Topaz Rings by Jewelry Designs

From small traditional designs, to spectacular show pieces, you will find exceptional Topaz Rings at Jewelry Designs. For the person seeking a traditional Topaz, you are seeking an Imperial Topaz. For those searching for Topaz birthstone rings, our staff will show you designs to suit the occasion. If you are searching for a large splashy gemstone, we have show-stopping Blue Topaz Rings that will attract attention from across the room. Visit the Jewelry Designs gallery in Danbury, CT where our jewelry is made. While you are there you can view the amazing works of our artisans. You can even customize a design of your own.